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Tammy Slaton (b. July 27, 1986) is a main cast member on 1000-lb. Sisters. She is the heaviest person on the show, and her weight as of "Heavy Hoarders" is 639 pounds.

Early life[]

Slaton was born on July 27, 1986 to Darlene Rednour. She grew up in Dixon, Kentucky, and had three older siblings seen on the show, Misty, Amanda, and Chris, and one younger sister, Amy. She went to Union County High School.


Slaton appeared in her sister Amy's first public YouTube video, New slaton sister vlog, which was uploaded on January 30, 2014. Tammy created her own YouTube channel on February 28, 2018. Most of her videos are food reviews and clips from the show.

Tammy's first television appearance was on January 1, 2020, when the first episode of 1000-lb. Sisters debuted on TLC.

Slaton also posts on Instagram and TikTok, on the latter of which her account has almost 450,000 followers.

Personal life[]

In "Jerry Bites Back", she revealed she identified as pansexual. Slaton has had two boyfriends on the show: Jerry Sykes in season two and Phillip Redmond in season three. She broke up with both of them after a few episodes.

Slaton was hospitalized in late 2021 for carbon dioxide poisoning. She had a trach put in and was confined to her hospital bed. She announced this via TikTok in November.